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Areas of Expertise

Psychotherapy, Executive Coaching & Ecotherapy



In addition to traditional psychotherapy, I also offer executive coaching. Individuals who benefit from this type of coaching are essentially well oiled machines in their work, but at times struggle with integrating important aspects of their personal life into their work/personal life balance. While this individual experiences success at their work, they are looking looking to gain greater insight into patterned thinking that limits the quality of their relationships. 


A number of individuals I have helped to support in this area of growth are business executives, and professional athletes. These are individuals who have done everything “right,” and now have the opportunity to explore questions about what keeps them from a deeper sense of self-actualization. It is my pleasure to aide these individuals in their personal growth, helping to reveal blind spots that hinder one’s ability to find deeper meaning and connections to self and others. 


Ecopsychology is the study of the human connection with nature. Ecotherapy or “nature therapy” is the process of using the natural world in therapy. Humans have evolved from nature, resulting in a deep connection to nature within all of us. Strengthening this connection with nature can play a valuable role in improving our mental health. As an “urban ecotherapist," I have set out to create a nature-inspired therapy setting within the city. I offer nature prescriptions, walks in the park, photowalks and more.


Did you know that simply looking at nature can improve your brain? An abundance of current research tells us that time spent in nature is healthy for humans, both physically and mentally.

Benefits include:

Stress reduction

Decrease in anger

Increase in pleasant feelings

Reduction in blood pressure

Lower heart rate

Easing of muscle tension

Improved mood

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